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overhead photo of artisan sourdough bread in utah

Wholesale Catalog

At Crumb Brothers Artisan Bakery, we make time for good bread. We use natural leavening, allow for long-fermentation, and bake in a steam-injected stone hearth oven to produce perfect artisan loaves to nourish you & our community. 

The crumb of every style of bread varies, but one thing each loaf has in common is its integrity and a tender, moist interior. Whether it’s the open matrix of the ciabatta, the structurally sound base of a sourdough baguette, or the rich flavor of our signature Decker 5-Seed, you’ll notice our unique style that enhances any application. It starts with a starter. Our levain is the collection of natural yeast (sourdough starter) that we meticulously care for day and night. We build up the starter to ferment overnight before the next day’s mix. The mixer arrives at sunrise, and uses slow development and long fermentation to retain fragile carotenoids, improve flavor complexity, and control levain digestion & enzyme activity to create unique, one-of-a-kind products. The dough is left to bulk ferment: several hours of resting and folding. Then, we gather ‘round the wooden workbench in the center of the bakery and the loaves take shape – all by hand. Each loaf is scaled, left to rest, then mindfully molded into its final form. The loaves are left for one last rest before the late-night bake. Bake shift. 450 degrees in our stone-hearth deck oven. Scoring and loading in the heat, our bakers navigate the oven with technical attention to detail. Steam injection is our final leavening agent: creating a moist environment that increases the loaf’s potential to fully bloom. Blistering occurs, and the crust sets. Loaves crackle as they cool, a sound like the laughter of cherubim. ––––––– Each loaf takes 72 hours from start to finish to create. We source our flour from Central Milling Company, a world-renowned mill that operates just down the street. From classic sourdough to buttery brioche buns, from wholesome seeded loaves to tender ciabatta, we bake it all.


Artisan Breads


Specialty Breads


Our specialty breads are available wholesale with at least 3 weeks' notice. This allows us time to source the necessary ingredients and schedule the additional varieties for production.


Come Visit Us!

Visit us in Logan! Our bakery features a counter-service café offering a full menu of sandwiches and salads made to order. Stop in and dine with us and take a tour of the bakery, browse our foyer mercantile to pick up premium olive oils, local specialty food items, as well as house-made pastries, treats, & sauces. 




Our small-batch, artisan bread is available wholesale by the case. Orders can be placed fresh for bakery pick-up, or delivered frozen through Nicholas & Company. Every case of bread is baked to order.

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